I think that it’s unfair for a person to make a girl feel special when in reality she really isn’t as special as he treats her.
It’s unfair that while you left her hanging she still fought or loved you anyway. She cried over you, thought about you bla bla. And there you are ignoring her while she pours her heart out.
It’s unfair that when she finally decides to just let you go……… You start talking to her

I miss you - Beyonce

Have you ever liked somebody so much even if you just met them? Well I have. I even gave up the person I knew that loved me so much for him. But he didn’t ask for it I just did it cause I liked him. So much. That much. 

I don’t care if he looks like crap. I don’t care about his flaws I don’t. I just want him. 

I’d day dream about him a lot. He’s the first person I think of the second I wake up. I’d fall asleep thinking about how his day went. Or how he spent it. Basketball of course haha he loves basketball.

But the thing is I bet he never even thought of me or remembered me that day. I could go through hours thinking about him sounds creepy but yea. I bet I never even crossed his mind. It’s crazy how much I actually like him.


He’s in love now. Not with me. But with someone else. Nowwww thinking about him makes things harder. I think of him and then she’s pops in. Who is she? I bet she’s pretty and kind, sweet or whatever. I bet she was everything he needed. Everything I wasn’t.

"Let him go" "Move on" "Just be happy for him" those words kept running on my mind. How could you let go of someone you never even had? How could you move on when you still have feelings for him? How could you be happy if you’re not the source of his happiness?

I hate being like this. Being all emo and gay. but yeaaa just felt like writing some stuffffff bye


Please don’t think you’re ugly. God made you unique and stunning in your own way. People will call you fat, ugly, weird, nerd, geek, loser, dead kid, unwanted, unloved etc etc.. But you see in this world we live in you can NEVER please everybody. At one point or another some will hate you or something. But why let them dictate who you really are? I mean they don’t know the real you. It’s not the outside that counts it’s the inside. Trust me. Yea sure someone will always be prettier, hotter, sexier than you. But it’s okay. One day you will find that one guy that will love you for who you are. That even if you look like crap he’d still that you’re the most beautiful person he ever had laid his eyes on. Be confident do what you love it’s your life anyway. Do what you think is right. Keep your head up and smile, be strong :)


the game im prepared to lose

You know how when you keep talking to someone that eventually you’d actually fall in love with him. And no matter how much you’ve hurt them or tried to push away they just keep coming back? But what if one day they won’t come back? What if they just stopped talking to you cause you’ve been so messed up and you’re not good enough or that you do things that you know he wouldn’t do to you and now he got tired he found someone else. But that person was the same person he promised that no matter what happens he won’t let her to him away from me. Who’s fault is it? What happened?

A few days before the much awaited season of the year.. I met this boy I was lucky that he became part of my year like before it ended. We got so close to each other in an instant like we’d talk until the sun comes up, we’d tell silly things to each other and still feel comfortable. He was my best friend. One time we planned to watch a movie with his friends & my friends.. We were at this famous hang out place where teens go to to chill or watch a movie. Some go on dates but I prefer to be with a group of people. I met three of his friends 2 boys 1 girl. I was with my best gay friend it was going to be a good night. And it ended up to be a good one :)

Days went on… Each day we got closer and closer to each other I knew I was falling but I just couldn’t admit it guess I was so scared; to you know fall in love again.

Pain does that to people. When I was young I thought to myself “how could people say that they’re scared to fall inlove?” I guess when it happens you just die deep down in pain.

He was always there for me. When I needed someone, when I was at lowest point he was there.. He listened I appreciated him so much! He was like a boyfriend-guyfriend type…

I wake up everyday so sure he’d send me a goodmorning text. I always loved getting goodmorning texts from him. It made me feel like I was the first person that popped up in his mind.

We’d write status’ about each other he doesn’t know this but I actually really liked that me and him figh through status’. Not really fight but you know what I mean like a sweet kind of fight.

We’d talk on the phone for hours, he’d sing for me which was actually weird cause I never thought I could make him sing for me but he did…

I knew he liked me cause his best girl friend told me but I don’t know if he knew that I liked him cause of the mixed signals I kept on giving him.

God, I love that boy… He’s different you know. Like he’s really different he gives high respect to girls. From what I see. He was sweet he was kind and gentle and he knows what he says. He doesn’t talk that often he doesn’t get pissed easily he’s just perfect I love everything about him. He made me believe that you could get attracted to looks but personality makes you stay..

He has this bestfriend too.. A girl actually. They were so close I actually got jealous of her cause he got mad cause someone was like messing around with her at school he got really pissed. I’ve never seen him pissed. I had been through stuff that was probably worse then what happened to her but he didn’t make me feel that he cared as much as he cared for her..

I have no right, absolutely no right to get mad or jealous I know cause we weren’t even dating. But even though. He’s mine………….

That’s where it all started. It sucks cause exactly a month ago he promised me he wouldn’t let her take him away from me. I believed him. I did.

And days passed.. Slowly I knew I was losing him. The boy I loved… I was losing him :( i knew i was I knew it. I tried so hard to win him back but that wasn’t me i wasn’t being myself cause i was trying hard.

They started doing the status thing that I loved the most. I was so jealous but I couldn’t tell him. What was I supposed to do? Be all like “hey im in love with you and im jealous of that girl so please stop send each other cute status’” I guess she was better than me, funnier even. She always made him laugh. I loved it sooo much when i made him laugh it’s like an achievement like “hey i made this boy laugh”. She was prettier than me too. She didn’t have to wear make-up to look pretty. I had to. She’s so much better than me. She’s smarter, prettier, taller, sexier, funnier.. She has everything. Even him.

And now I’d wake up with the same goodmorning message but wondering who did he thought of first today? Was it me or her? Ugh did it even have to matter? :( Well it did, it did for me…

One night.. We were talking and he stopped replying all of a sudden at the middle of the night he wasn’t like that he’d always say goodnight.. So I waited and waited until I eventually fell asleep when I woke up it was 4 in the morning, there was no goodnight text. I planned to send him a late one cause it was soooo unlike us not to say goodnight to each other but I saw a message they were on the phone that night…… I know I’m losing him I know they have feelings for each other. I’m prepared to lose now…..


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omg i LOVE your blog & your url ! its so creative & cute :)

awe, thanks!! :) :) I like yours tooo <3

Haters will hate

In life, people don’t always like you at some point.. Not everyone will pleased by you, but keep this in mind. You don’t have to please people just to get them to like you. I mean, WHO ARE THEY ANYWAY, RIGHT? Don’t stick to people who keep bringing you down! Don’t keep the fake ones! Don’t stay with people who make you feel unhappy about yourself. And cyber bullies will bully no matter what but put it this way what’s the worst thing they can do to you? CAPS LOCK. That’s it and hurt you but don’t mind them don’t fight back. People will really hate you sometimes but life goes on.. Don’t let them bring you down! :) HATERS WILL HATE. Heeheeee. Keep smilingggg :D

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.
Deuteronomy 31:6

-Jemimah Golez

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how old r ya & wats ur height? [;

Tell me who you are first then I’ll answer that ;)